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Download Cheater Point Blank e991 2013

Download Cheater Point Blank e991 2013

Download Cheater Point Blank e991 2013 - Point blank is something Indonesian popular online games are very famous one to date, something that carried a game with two teams for the game in online games, the red team and the blue team. This game is a war game pb commonly called tactical first person shooter (fps). in the game of course there is something underhanded trick play that we always win and not to lose first. on the site (blog) is provide variety among them cheat point blank this.

Establishment of Free Rebels
Increasing numbers of immigrants who did not get a job and expelled from society, so to survive the immigrants and then perform a wide range of crimes from robbery to drug trafficking. This criminal action developed into an organized movement to form an organization called Free Rebels. Another goal is not to control the entire drug trafficking and weapons throughout the world and to create fear for the community.

The formation of CT-Force
Due to conflicts with immigrants is widespread, the government decided to set up a special organization to deal with the teroris.Sejak establishment of this organization, they start looking for information and the existence of a terrorist organization called Free Rebels. In line with the increased terrorist threat, the government then sent troops help the best ever in the government who then came and joined and renamed the CT-Force (Counter Terrorist Force)

Cheat point blank terbaru

Game mode
Point Blank has 7 game modes, namely:
Death Match
Kill an enemy player to score your team reaches the specified value or try to be the team with the highest score when the time runs out the game.
Bomb Mission
Free Rebels team goal is to blow up an area called bombsite with C4, while CT-Force team goal is to prevent teams bombsite Free Rebels blow.
Destroy Mission
Destroy the objects that have been targeted in this fashion.
Killing all the enemies are there to win the round.
AI Mode
In this mode, players are required to fight an enemy that is controlled by a computer (AI). AI Mode consists of Level 1 to Level 10, where the higher the level, the higher the level of difficulty of enemy AI. This mode has been removed from the Point Blank Indonesia since 21 April 2010 because there was a bug that made ​​the experience and the point that it should not come to be had.
Shotgun Mode
Just a shotgun type weapon that can be used in this mode.
Sniper Mode
Only sniper rifle type weapon that can be used in this mode.
Defense Mission
Maintain a target object or devastated
Dino Mode
Survive the onslaught of dinosaurs and exit (escape) through the door there.
cross Counter
Fight Dinosaurs appropriately.

Death Match & Eliminate
Burning Hall
Training Camp
kick Point
Midninght Zone
up Town
Saint Mansion
Eastern Road
Red Rock
old Library
Mini Indonesia (Desert Camp)
Face Rock
Dragon Alley
Angkor Ruins
Ghost Town
Bomb Mission
blow City
Sentry Base
Storm Tube
Shopping Center
Cargo Ship
Destroy Mission
Defense Mission
Black Panther
Dino Mode
breeding Nest
Dino Uptown
Dino Break Down

Download Cheater Point Blank e991 2013

  • ALL Weapon
  • damage 100
  • 1 hit
  • cash
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