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Cheat lost saga hero permanen 2013 Terbaru

Cheat lost saga hero permanen 2013 Terbaru

Cheat lost saga - Lost Saga is a game free-to-play 3D MMO and fight. Developed by AMFITIL by IO Entertainment in South Korea. Deployed in several countries such as OGPlanet companies in the United States, Thailand and Newbie Asiasoft in Indonesia.

Characters in Korean Lost Saga Titled Leased or Hero Soldier in South Korea, the United States, Thailand, and Indonesia. Leased soldiers are divided into five different categories: Melee, Ranged, Magic, Special, and Premium. Players can buy hero mercenary from the game shop using pesos, the currency earned from battles, or earn their services for 2 hours when they reach the rank at which that mercenary is unlocked, with the exception of Soldiers Pay Premium, which can only be obtained through Gold (Currency Typical LostSaga in South Korea), Astros (Currency Typical LostSaga in the United States), Acash (Currency Typical LostSaga in Thailand) and G-cash (Currency Typical LostSaga in Indonesia) or via Hero Scroll, which can be obtained of the mission and buy at the store at 3000 pesos (South Korea and Indonesia). Players can earn as much mercenary slots they have. In general, players have 12 hero slot and could be more if purchased at the store.

Cheat lost saga

Once the player places a mercenary / hero them in his inventory, then they can change their hero by pressing the number keys (Hero Swap) (this can be changed in the options menu). This method allows players to freely change into different mercenaries during gameplay, but only if the mercenary that is currently used have a 4 Gear comes (this does not affect the item such as the style. Hair).

In addition, Epic Gear is a mercenary equipment with an alternative design. They enhance the game by allowing players to equip different gear to mercenaries they've hired. However, epic weapons can only be equipped to their corresponding mercenary. Epic Gear not only provides a change of costume, but a stat boost that varies with each gear. Skills Gear, however, has not changed.

Premium mercenaries have Epic Gear, but they do not look different from the original (with the exception of Sol epic weapon). There are also special gears titled legendary gear. Unlike the epic gear, this gear is not suitable for any existing mercenary. As such, most legendary gears have no alternate design and there are no legendary weapons. Legendary gear can also use multiple skills such as in a tooth. jumper and some come in several designs (eg comprising pink rabbit ears and black) (Only in South Korea). In particular LostSaga Indonesia LostSaga Gear you can sell at a price at least 50 thousand pesos, and to sell gear you need to have gear marked "to seal" and buy a sealer Gear for 2900 G-cash (Indonesia) and will be available in the market.

Download Cheat Lost Saga:
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Password pkl

Injector Free:
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Feature Simple  :
[-] Freze Undead
[-] Brutall Skill
[-] Unlimited Token Emas
[-] Fast Skill
[-] Anti Baned ( BETA Version)

[-]  Open Perx injector
[-]  input games Target :  ( lostsaga.exe )
[-]  Start KLS , When X-trap after not found, click Inject

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Judul: Cheat lost saga hero permanen 2013 Terbaru
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